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    Linux Needs Deep Pockets

    I love the operating systems revolving around the Linux Kernel. I think it's amazing that something so good comes to the world so cheap or mostly free. You can do tremendous work on this platform, so it begs the question: Why aren't more people using it?

    As Long as Software Patents Are Granted and Microsoft Equips Trolls With Them, “Azure IP Advantage” is an Attack on Free/Libre Software

    Microsoft is feeding enemies of GNU/Linux and Free/Libre Open Source software (FLOSS) in order to sell its ‘protection’, which it names “IP Advantage” in a rather Orwellian fashion (same naming as back in the Novell days)

    HP Enterprise Names SUSE (Not Red Hat) Preferred Linux Partner

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is playing favorites in the Linux market, selecting SUSE rather than Red Hat and Canonical Ubuntu as the company’s preferred Linux distribution partner. Here's why.

    Could Novell have become a Linux player?

    Would Novell, which is now referred to in the past tense by the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, still be around as a company of substance if Chris Stone had not left when he did?

    The Simple Truth About What Xamarin Was All Along to Microsoft, Just Like Ximian and Novell (Post-Patent Deal)

    A longer and more detailed analysis of Microsoft’s official takeover of the Mono team (and by extension a so-called ‘company’, whose finances are secret but are linkable back to Microsoft through Ignition Partners)

    Ubuntu, Microsoft, Tizen & More…

    The latest Microsoft-loves-Ubuntu news came this week, when Microsoft announced it was open sourcing, under the permissive MIT license, its Edge web browser’s JavaScript engine, ChakraCore, with plans to port it to Linux. While this was undoubtedly huge news to the development community, for the rest of us if was primarily just more evidence of how deeply Redmond is trying to reach its tentacles into Linux. But it’s not just Linux that will be the beneficiary of the ChakraCore port. More specifically, it’s “Ubuntu Linux 15.10,” according to Gaurav Seth, Microsoft’s main man on the Chakra project.

    Login to Single user mode in SUSE Linux (SLES / openSUSE)

    For troubleshooting point of view sometime we have to login in single user mode in Linux to execute commands like reseting root password in case if system admin forget the root password and run fsck command if the file system got corrupted.

    Old FOSS Friend & Foe Represents Sony in Hack

    Folks who follow news about FOSS, OSS and Linux who also watch the “talking heads” shows the TV networks serve up on Sunday mornings might be excused for not noting that David Boies, the lawyer speaking for Sony on this week’s “Meet the Press,” has on several occasions been involved in news stories affecting Linux. Over the years, he’s played the role of both friend and foe, but it’s been a while since his and the FOSS world’s paths have crossed.

    LXer Weekly Roundup for 10-Aug-2014

    LXer Feature: 10-Aug-2014

    The big news articles from the previous week to hit the LXer newswire. Enjoy!

    Review: openSUSE 13.1 GNOME

    YaST didn't work quite right, but it wasn't a total turnoff; overall it was pretty good. Plus, GNOME has improved a lot with version 3.10, though it is rather resource-heavy.

    Microsoft Resembles Novell, Circa 1995

    Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer plans to exit the software giant within a year. The new CEO will need to manage a major acquisition (Nokia) -- essentially playing catch-up with market-trailing products. It sounds a lot like Novell around 1995. And that's alarming. Let me explain why.

    BASIS “Slate” Alpha v2 0.03 Released 29/06/2013

    Description: BASIS is a Linux-based operating system made with OpenSuSe 12.3 and also the GNOME 3 shell. Built using SuseStudio, this independent Linux distribution... 32 bit...

    ‘Who Don’t You Trust’ Poll – The Biggest Loser Is…

    Novell, which we expected to be near the top of the list, came in as a relatively trusted company by our readers. With an eighth place showing, only IBM scored fewer votes. We have little doubt that five years or so ago, Novell would’ve probably been right behind Microsoft as one of the least trusted companies in the FOSS world, due primarily to their dealings with Microsoft in support of their SUSE Linux distro, which many people thought was both underhanded and designed to spread FUD.

    Novell decline arrested, says Attachmate chief

    • iTWire; By Sam Varghese (Posted by linuxwriter on Jun 6, 2013 5:02 AM EDT)
    • Groups: Novell
    Two years after it acquired Novell and took the company private, the Attachmate Group says its decline has been arrested. It anticipates being able to hold that line next year.

    When It Comes To FOSS, Who Don’t You Trust?

    The other side of the coin, the bad players in the free software world, might be best represented by Oracle, who inherited a slew of important open source projects with their takeover of Sun Microsystems a few years back. As we’ve observed before, part of the problem with Oracle is that sharing and software freedom isn’t in the company’s genetic structure. Like many proprietary vendors, they believe in nurturing their clients by using the mushroom philosophy–that is by keeping them in the dark and feeding them plenty of malarkey.

    IBM x86 Server Sale to Lenovo: Good for Linux, Windows?

    If IBM (NYSE:IBM) sells its x86 server business to Lenovo (as many reports expect) it's a safe bet that Lenovo will remain committed to supporting Linux (Red Hat and SUSE, in particular) and Windows Server across the hardware line. Here's why.

    OpenSuSE 12.3 – the Cheater

    I really do think that OpenSuSE 12.3 is the best in the OpenSuSE 12.x range. But that's far not the best operating system. And, I should admit, this is not the honest operating system. It's a cheater!

    Gnome Founder Miguel de Icaza Solves Identity Crisis, Moves To Mac

    Today in his personal blog, Miguel de Icaza, founder of Gnome, and one of the most polarizing personalities in the free software world, announced that he is finished with the Linux platform –at least for personal use.

    SUSE Linux, Novell BrainShare: Why So Quiet?

    Did anybody else notice Novell BrainShare 2013 occurred last week in Salt Lake City? It was a prime opportunity to promote Novell’s progress under Attachmate’s ownership. Plus, SUSE Linux (Novell’s sister business) could have published some updated business milestones of its own. Did Novell and SUSE deliver? Here’s the scorecard.

    "Old" Novell Board Faces Shareholder Lawsuit

    Not the downsized “new and improved” Novell owned by Attachmate, though they have briefly been a part of this story. We’re talking about the old, basically inept Novell–the company that once practically owned enterprise networking back in the day when Bill Gates was shortsighted enough to believe that the future of computing was in stand alone and unconnected boxes. You know, the Novell that was second cousin, by way of Raymond Noorda and the Canopy Group, to SCO. The same Novell that decided to save their proprietary business by embracing open source and buying the SUSE Linux distribution in an attempt to reposition themselves as a poor man’s IBM sans hardware.

    Long-Term Review: openSUSE 12.2 KDE

    • Das U-Blog by Prashanth; By PV (Posted by PV on Nov 16, 2012 4:19 AM EDT)
    • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: KDE, Novell, SUSE
    It generally worked fine, but the unreliability of both Okular and the shutdown process means that better KDE distributions for long-term work use can be found.

    Review: openSUSE 12.2 KDE

    • Das U-Blog by Prashanth; By PV (Posted by PV on Sep 12, 2012 10:30 PM EDT)
    • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: KDE, Novell, SUSE
    After a disappointing version 12.1, openSUSE is back with version 12.2, and I find that it works really well!

    SUSE May Use Fedora's Secure Boot UEFI Solution

    Two leading GNU/Linux players have explained their plans about how to deal with secure boot. While Canonical decided to ditch Grub2 due to GPLv3, Fedora's approach was to use Grub2 and use Microsoft keys. That left openSUSE/SUSE Linux Enterprise.

    SUSE Remains The Leading LibreOffice Contributor

    The Document Foundation has released an infographic showing the current state of growth of the LibreOffice office suite. The document shows a steady increase in downloads per week and new code committers, while a variable graph for code contributors and commits per month.

    LXer Weekly Roundup for 01-Jul-2012

    LXer Feature: 02-Jul-2012

    The latest installment of the LXWR of the weeks big stories for your reading pleasure. Sorry its a day late. Enjoy!

    The Truth About Open Source In The Enterprise

    When I first got into IT back in the late 90?s as a teen, I was always baffled by the landscape in regards to infrastructure and software. And coming from a Linux background, who could blame me? When I went off to get my secondary education, I chose the vocational route and I chose to certify in Novell and Microsoft because they were the two major players at the time.

    openSUSE and Identity

    Currently Linux, as a worldwide community, faces strong fragmentation. Not all of us use KDE, or Gnome, or a graphical interface at all. At the end of the day these communities are the ones creating new software, new widgets, and new graphics. Eventually these fragmentation or macro-collaboration environment is unable to achieve "collective individuality." This means that because of the different influences that happen in a Linux environment, collectively we cannot achieve a strong branding and differentiation. We cannot stand out because all of us want to stand out. Our software or contributions speak the language and mind of its creator, except in a Linux environment, anyone can be a creator.

    LXer Weekly Roundup for 10-Jun-2012

    LXer Feature: 10-Jun-2012

    All kinds of big news this week for you LXWR readers out there. Linus express his true feelings for the newest Gnome, Red Hat decides to get into bed with Microsoft, Our own Carla Schroder has an opinion on it, Mark Shuttleworth thinks Windows Azure is great..and here I thought I had heard it all. Nope, not even close. Enjoy!

    Is Microsoft Allowing Ubuntu Linux on Azure without a Patent Deal?

    Microsoft alleged years ago that Linux and Open Source technologies infringe on over 200 Microsoft patents. It's that basic allegation that Microsoft used to convince Novell/SUSE to sign a a Patent deal and it's the same basic underpinning for a dozen deals with Android vendors. So why is Microsoft allowing Linux to run on its Azure cloud? In particular, why Ubuntu?

    SUSECon and openSUSE Conference: A One-Two Punch?

    I've continued to watch the SUSE Linux community closely ever since Attachmate acquired Novell and the SUSE business in early 2011. I've also kept one eye on openSUSE, the community-driven, open-development version of the distribution. So what’s new with SUSE and openSUSE? Here are some guesses based on upcoming conferences.

    Top 50 Open Source Companies: Where Are They Now?

    Back in 2008 and 2009 I kept a really close eye on the top 50 open source companies and their partnering strategies. Fast forward to 2012 and whatever became of those top 50 open source companies? Some are thriving, some are dead, and some are repositioning for the cloud and barely even mention open source anymore. Here's the update.

    openSUSE 12.2 Milestone 3 Out, Install And Test

    openSUSE 12.2 Milestone 3 is now available for download and testing. It was expected to be released last week but there were some delays due to the move to a i686 desktop kernel for 32-bit systems.

    Zombie Microsoft antitrust case shuffles to retrial

    Jury 'hopelessly' deadlocked Novell's reanimated antitrust case against Microsoft's Word is reported to have hit "hopeless" deadlock, with Novell pushing for a fresh trial.…

    Judge dismisses $1B lawsuit against Microsoft

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A federal judge on Friday dismissed a Utah company's $1 billion federal antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. after a jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict.

    What's in Store for SUSE in 2012

    • ReadWriteWeb; By Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (Posted by jzb on Dec 13, 2011 10:50 PM EDT)
    • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Novell, SUSE
    To get a sense what SUSE is in for in 2012, I talked to Nils Brauckmann this morning. Brauckmann's involvement with SUSE started with Attachmate's purchase, so the first time we spoke was earlier this year just after he took over the role. This time I found him much readier to discuss details of the SUSE strategy, if not every minor product detail.

    NetWare-Linux love child turned up to 11

    Novell and SUSE Linux may technically be separate companies, but they are owned by the same Attachmate conglomerate and they still have to work together on specific products, such as Open Enterprise Server, which bolts NetWare print and file services to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

    OpenSUSE KDE 12.1 Review: I Take My Words Back

    openSUSE KDE is a perfect desktop for those are not comfortable with the changes Gnome 3 or Unity is bringing. Not that I have any issues with Gnome 3 or Unity – I recommend both. But, if you are not comfortable, and as free software is all about options, I heavily recommend openSUSE KDE. You get the stability of openSUSE, the ease of use, elegance, customization of KDE and a familiar interface.

    Review: openSUSE 12.1 GNOME + KDE

    Most things (apart from the usual newer versions of programs) have stayed the same or improved since version 11.4...except apparently for hardware support, which can be a dealbreaker (and was for me).

    Opensuse 12.1 Screenshots tour

    Opensuse 12.1 has been released! This release bring awesome improvements include the latest GNOME 3.2 desktop as well as the newest from KDE, Xfce opensuse-logoand LXDE; your own Cloud made easy with mirall; Snapper-shots of your file system.

    Chromium Browser talks with Telepathy (IM/Chat Library) to provide an in-browser IM client - prototype

    Chromium Browser talks with Telepathy (IM/Chat Library) to provide an in-browser IM client - prototype

    The Lurching Landscape of Mobile

    Anyone paying attention to technology news lately knows that the Titans are clashing for control, or at least a share of the monetary rewards, in the mobile marketplace.

    This Is What Started AMD's Open-Source Strategy

    While AMD's open-source strategy was announced on Phoronix on 7 September 2007, it was on 17 September of the same year that the Novell/SUSE developers did their first public release of their xf86-video-radeonhd driver. This was the X.Org driver created by the Novell Linux engineers in months prior for R500 and R600 GPUs. Here is some special reading -- a letter that was volleyed from Novell to AMD that kicked off this entire process -- to celebrate what would have been the fourth birthday of this open-source Linux driver.

    LXer Weekly Roundup for 11-Sept-2011

    LXer Feature: 11-Sept-2011

    Welcome to this week's collection of big stories from the LXer Newswire. Enjoy!

    LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org drift apart

    LibreOffice Logo Michael Meeks, a LibreOffice developer at Novell, compared the codebase of LibreOffice with the OpenOffice.org sources hosted at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). As he writes in a blog post, the differences are already so great that it will now be hard to exchange new code between the two projects. In light of the several million lines of source code by which the two products now differ, he says users should not assume that code committed to Apache OpenOffice.org will "inevitably and automatically appear in LibreOffice". "Instead I suspect we will end up cherry-picking and porting only those things that justify the effort, as/when/if there is any such thing," added Meeks.

    10th Circuit Affirms in All Respects - Novell, Not SCO, Owns the Copyrights, etc.

    Finally, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled [PDF] on SCO's appeal of its loss to Novell in the second jury/bench trial. The appeals court affirms in all respects. So, SCO loses again, and likely this is as far as it will go. Technically, SCO can ask the US Supreme Court to hear a further appeal, but that is very unlikely to happen and even less likely to be granted were it to happen. SCO has fallen downstairs, hitting its head on every step, to the very bottom, just like I told you in May of 2003, in the first article I ever wrote about SCO.

    A Brief Explanation of Microsoft's Anti-Google Patent FUD ~ by pj

    The trouble with FUD is at first it sounds correct, or at least plausible. So when Google complained about the Apple-Microsoft partnership and the deliberate patent policy against Google, Microsoft's first response sounded like a killer blow. It said it had asked Google to join them. But… let's take a little bit closer look, because in doing so, it let slip a fact that we did not know until now -- that Google tried to get the 800 or so Novell patents that CPTN, an entity Microsoft set up with Oracle, Apple and EMC, eventually won.

    News: SUSE Embraces Microsoft as KDE Stabilizes Its Future

    Microsoft renews its deal with Novell's successor for another five year years as the Linux desktop moves incrementally forward with KDE.

    Compress your files using tar and gzip utility

    Compression of files is a necessity these days. It’s not only helps you in saving your space but also helps you in quick sharing and back up purposes. Text files compresses more than the web images and videos because they are already in the compressed form .You must have observed many open source softwares in the .tar.gz packages. These are the compressed file made out using the tar and gzip (gunzip) utility. So let’s get started with these great utilities

    SUSE & Patent FUD: Who Do We Boycott Now?

    Ironically, up until that time, Novell and Microsoft had been archenemies, and much of Novell’s market share loses had been due to Redmond’s aggressive marketing. At the time of the SUSE purchase, many in the FOSS community had high hopes that Novell would become an open source asset, even though they had shown a proclivity in the past for snatching defeat out of the arms of victory. All hopes were dashed, however, when they embraced their old enemy with a deal they had to know wouldn’t set well in the FOSS world.

    Microsoft kicks SUSE another $100m

    Keeping Red Hat out of Windows shops The SUSE division of Attachmate has managed to talk Microsoft into shelling out another chunk of change – $100m – to help prop up SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the Linux distro formerly controlled by Novell, and to help drive Red Hat's rival distro from Windows shops.…

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