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    Examples on how to use YUM command in Linux

    YUM or Yellowdog Updater Modified is a utility for managing of rpm packages & is available for all Redhat OS & other Linux distros based on Redhat. It is used to install, remove, update & to gather information…

    Configure Automatic Updates with yum-cron on CentOS 7

    • linuxize.com; By linuxize (Posted by linuxize on May 5, 2019 11:01 PM EDT)
    • Groups: Yellow Dog
    Regularly updating your CentOS system is one of the most important aspects of overall system security. If you don’t update your operating system’s packages with the latest security patches, you are leaving your machine vulnerable to attacks.

    How to Install RPM Packages on CentOS

    RPM is a packaging system used by Red Hat and its derivatives such as CentOS and Fedora.

    How to Install Anaconda on CentOS 7

    Anaconda is the most popular python data science and machine learning platform, used for large-scale data processing, predictive analytics and scientific computing. Anaconda distribution ships with more than 1,000 data packages, the conda command-line tool and with a desktop graphical user interface called Anaconda Navigator.

    How To Install and Configure Nextcloud with Apache on CentOS 7

    Nextcloud is an open source, self-hosted file share and collaboration platform, similar to Dropbox. It comes bundled with media player, calendar and contact management. Nextcloud is extensible via apps and has desktop and mobile clients for all major platforms.

    How To Install Ruby on CentOS 7

    In this tutorial we will show you three different ways to install Ruby on CentOS. Each has their own benefits, you can choose one of the installation method that will work best for you.

    How To Install Git on CentOS 7

    This tutorial will walk you through the installation and basic configuration of Git on CentOS 7.

    Install MySQL on CentOS 7

    With the release of CentOS 7 MySQL, the world’s most popular open source relational database management system is no longer available in the CentOS’s repositories and MariaDB has become the default database system. MariaDB is a backward compatible, binary drop-in replacement of MySQL. In this tutorial we will show you how to install MySQL on a CentOS 7 machine.

    YUM cheat sheet

    All YUM related articles in one place! Helpful YUM cheat sheet to learn, understand, revise YUM related sysadmin tasks on single page.

    Container Security, Management Advances Grab DockerCon EU Spotlight

    In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the highlights of the DockerCon EU event.

    DirectX 11 Support to Land in CrossOver Soon

    It's not hard to imagine why bringing DirectX 11 support for Codeweavers is important, and the company just announced that is planning to do just that very soon. This will open new gates for Codeweavers, and more people will certainly use it.

    Microsoft Admits It's Been Using a Modified Linux Kernel for Years

    Microsoft made a surprising announcement yesterday when they said that they would increase their contributions to the Linux kernel. The company admitted that it's been using a heavily modified Linux kernel for years, although it's a very old version.

    And Your First Linux Distro Was…

    Your answers also showed us just how diverse the readership here is. Not only did we see a lot of you offering up the usual suspects, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora, we also got reminders of Linux’s rich history. It was somewhat gratifying to discover that some who visit here first tried Linux using long gone but not forgotten distros such as Yggdrasil and Soft Landing System.

    Turbo Charge Yum with Fastest Mirror and AxelGet Plugins

    Dietrich Schmitz shows how to turbo charge your Fedora YUM downloads in this how-to utilizing Fastest Mirror and AxelGet plugins.

    YUM: A Breed Apart

    Linux Advocate Dietrich Schmitz discovers more exemplary features in YUM which set it apart from its competition--a breed apart. Read why.

    Ubuntu Alternatives, Xfce, & Having A Go With Fedora 16!

    A little over a year ago I fired up the then latest version of Fedora (13) and found much that I liked. Ultimately though, it just wasn't the right tool for the job and I ended up going back to Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Fast forward another year, a few more releases have come out from Fedora, and Canonical has been making some choices that, while likely great long-term for Ubuntu, are a bit awkward currently for some of its user base.

    List of RPM Linux configuration files

    This list features all configuration files related to packages commonly found on RPM ( Redhat Package Management ) Linux systems. List was extracted from Fedora Linux, however it may also find its use by all Linux users running any RPM based Linux systems. To find configuration files open a search dialog of your browser ( CTRL + F ) and search for "Package:<package name>" . This list is based on Fedora 14 Linux and will be updated with every new Fedora stable version !

    Avoiding tedious remote login ssh syntax

    Although you have exchanged public keys with your remote server to avoid that boring bit of entering your super long secure user password everytime you are about to login, you still need to face ssh syntax in order get someting done. Yes, it is just single line command with few words but typing that line 30 times a day can take you at least 10 minutes of problem solving time, bore you and more iportatbly it may even give you a headache. This article outlines two alternative options on how to make ssh login procedure easier and thus keeping you sane longer.

    A Practical Guide to Linux Commands

    This article lists various practical Linux commands to be used only as a reference guide and by experienced Linux users. Not all Linux commands will be available on your system by default so consider install a relevant package before use. This Practical Guide to Linux Commands may list Linux commands you may already know but cannot remember usage syntax as well as it may introduce some new Linux commands to improve your Linux command line efficiency. Note, this guide will not teach you how to use Linux commands since it relies on your experience to alter Linux commands syntax below to fit your needs.

    Ten Linux Distros that use the Enlightenment Desktop

    Even though the Enlightenment desktop is fantastic there are currently not very many distributions that utilize it. Today I would like to take the time to mention those that offer a version with my favorite desktop.

    Linux Optimizations. Performance Boosting

    Last week, I came across a tutorial about tweaking a specific parameter in the Linux virtual memory subsystem. So I figured that I would share all of the optimizations that I usually go through in a new installation of Linux.

    Replacing Ping with Nmap for Nagios

    Sometimes a system administrator needs to get around a few rules that are in place for good (or not) reasons. One example is when networks have ICMP turned off (or even just a portion of it). With ICMP off it can be difficult to configure tools like Nagios for simple up and down checks. In this text getting around the no ICMP problem and a script to handle it for Nagios.

    Bash scripts to scan and monitor network

    This article provides few simple scripts to scan and monitor network using combination of bash and ping command. Obviously, these scripts are no match to a full monitoring dedicated software like nagios but they could be useful for a small home brand networks, where implementing sophisticated monitoring system can become an overhead.

    Hacker vows to avenge Sony's PS3 Linux cut-off

    Hacker Geohot claims he has a plan to permit PlayStation 3 (PS3) users to continue running Linux on the gaming system, despite Sony's announcement that it will block alternate operating system installs. On Sunday, Sony announced that a 3.21 update due on April 1 will prohibit the installation of alternate installations, due to security concerns. Sony's upcoming April Fool's Day update, which prohibits alternate OS installations on systems prior to the new "Slim" models launched in September, is no laughing matter to Linux hackers who have enjoyed a four-year run of loading distributions such as Yellow Dog Linux on the gaming box. Yet the last laugh may be on Sony if well-known hacker Geohot (George Hotz) gets his way.

    Yellow Dog Linux licks CUDA

    Remember Terra Soft and its Yellow Dog Linux for Power processors? Well, Yellow Dog is no longer the darling Linux for Apple machines since the latter company switched to Intel Core and Xeon processors for its PCs and servers a few years back. And Terra Soft doesn't exist any more, after it was acquired by a Japanese company called Fixstars in November 2008. But Yellow Dog is still digging in the back yard to find a cool spot to lay down, and this time around it's playing with Nvidia's CUDA programming environment for its Tesla family of GPU co-processors.

    Installing and Running Linux on Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)

    Installing and Running Linux on Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3): It is possible to install and run Linux on the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console (not-including the PS3 Slim model). In fact, there are plenty of distros that are compatible with the PS3 such as Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Yellow Dog, and Gentoo. The Linux kernel supports PlayStation 3 since version 2.6.21, that means no patches or hacks are required to install and run a full-featured distro.

    Review: Linux in a Nutshell, 6th Edition

    Linux in a Nutshell is considered a classic by anyone's standards, so it's expected to review well. In fact, the prior editions have reviewed extremely well so, in this case, turning in a bad review on the latest edition would mean that the authors and publisher must have completely rewritten the book and done a poor job of it. Fortunately, that's not the case here. Linux in a Nutshell, 6th Edition is a worthy successor to those editions that have come before it.

    Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 released

    The Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) developers have announced the release of version 6.2 of their PowerPC distribution that runs on the Sony PlayStation 3 and other computers with Cell processors, including IBM's Cell blades. The new release upgrades the 64-bit Linux to 2.6.29 and includes components like IBM's Cell SDK version, as well as OpenOffice 3.0 and Firefox 3.06.

    Port Check Program Part II

    In part one we wrote a basic bare bones port check program, in this part of the series we take the next step and fixup a few issues plus begin breaking out the code. This small program is a decent introduction (but definitely not definitive) to network programming.

    pkgwatch -- A Package Management Wrapper

    In the past I was trying many different linux distros. Each has its own package management systems: debian has apt, mandrake has urpmi, yellowdog has an apt front-end for rpm, suse has yast... While they all are quite similar and not difficult to use, I found that I often made mistakes because I often forgot which system I was using and the exact commands on that system. Another issue is that I wish I could keep track how I installed/removed those packages. So I wrote a simple wrapper for various package management systems.

    Terra Soft to Merge With Japanese Cell Developer Fixstars

    Terra Soft Solutions, the developer of Yellow Dog Linux, has been acquired by the Japanese software firm Fixstars Corporation, a developer of Cell Broadband Engine solutions. The new company, now known asFixstars Solutions, is operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fixstars and will maintain its entire product line from a regional office in Loveland, Colo., where Terra Soft is based.

    DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 277, 3 November 2008

    It was the Ubuntu week, with much of the Linux-related coverage on many web sites dominated by the brand new "Intrepid Ibex", the project's latest. A plethora of reviews followed almost instantly, but some subtle hardware issues and lack of real breakthrough features have left some of the users and reviewers unimpressed. In other news, Fedora has unveiled Plymouth, a new flicker-free boot process, Sabayon has hinted at a large number of never-seen-before features for the upcoming 4.0 release, Yellow Dog Linux has launched a beta testing period for its forthcoming version 6.1, and NetBSD is about to branch version 5.0 with some unexpected improvements. Also in this week's issue - Ubuntu has published a draft release schedule for "Jaunty Jackalope" or Ubuntu 9.04. Finally, we are pleased to announce that the recipient of the October 2008 DistroWatch.com donation is GoblinX, a slick Slackware-based live CD made in Brazil.

    Terra Soft Releases v6.0 for Apple PowerPC, Sony PS3, IBM System P

    Terra Soft today released Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 for Sony PS3, Apple G4/G5, and IBM System p. Built upon the CentOS foundation, a popular derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), YDL v6.0 offers enterprise quality for the home user. .

    Screenshots: Dist-upgrade of Ubuntu ppc.

    I had the chance to do an upgrade-dist of Ubuntu 6.10 ppc (PowerPC edition) recently when my 3-year-old daughter corrupted her Mac OS X Panther on her PowerPC-based Mac mini. She uses the Mac Mini mainly for Movies playback and learning on how to type. I decided to dual-boot Mac OS X Panther on my daughter's 2-year-old Mac mini a few months ago with Ubuntu 6.10 ppc, because of the fear that she may destroy her Panther and I do not have the time to fix the Panther. I called it the "911 strategy". The reason why I chose Ubuntu 6.10 ppc instead of its counterparts ( Fedora, Yellow Dog or openSUSE) was a very simple one. My daughter could turn off the Ubuntu 6.10 ppc even though it was her first time with Ubuntu 6.10 ppc. Maybe it's something that she has acquired while playing with Mac OS X and Windows XP.

    Preferred PowerPC-Based Linux Distro.

    There is still hope for users of PowerPC-based Macs out there even though Apple has left us. PowerPC-based LInux distribution is our hope even though Gnash, the open source flash is still almost a hit-or-miss application.

    Terra Soft Carries the Torch for Cell and Power Platforms

    Since launching Yellow Dog Linux for the Playstation 3 (PS3) last year, Terra Soft has been busy expanding its presence in the Cell processor ecosystem. To get an update about what the company has been doing, we contacted Terra Soft's CEO Kai Staats via email in Nakuru, Kenya. Staats is there working with the Pistis Orphanage & Academy to complete some important projects for the children's home and school.

    Linux Powered PS3 to be used in DARPA Urban Challenge

    Axion Racing was the first team to autonomously drive up to the top of Colorado's Pike Peak and now leads the way by finding cutting edge uses for the beleaguered Sony PS3. This two time DARPA Grand Challenge qualifier is the first racing team to implement Yellow Dog Linux and a Sony PlayStation game console to manage one of seven autonomous vehicle cameras.

    PS3 $100 price cut arrives with hopes of a turnaround

    As market watchers have predicted, Sony has dropped the price of its Playstation 3 console by US$100 ahead of the E3 expo in Santa Monica this week. The cut was widely expected but some had thought Sony may wait until closer to the holiday shopping season. The price cut has taken the PS3 60GB down to US$499 while a new 80GB model will fill the previous US$599 slot.

    [Considering that it comes with Yellow Dog Linux on it I thought it would be of interest to our readers. - Scott]

    PlayStation 3 as Enterprise Linux Server

    The functionality of the PS3 is about to take an interesting boost, becoming an all singing and dancing Linux Enterprise Server courtesy of HELIOS’ optimized Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 installer utilizing the IBM 64-bit 3.2 GHz Cell processor in the PS3 running HELIO UB.

    Free simplified Linux distro for PS3

    Want to do more with your Playstation 3? HELIOS Software and Terra Soft Solutions have made available for free download a modified version of the Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) distribution.

    HELIOS offers free Linux distribution for Sony PLAYSTATION

    HELIOS’ simplified Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 utilizes the IBM 64-bit 3.2 GHz Cell processor to provide a powerful state of the art Linux server for Sony PLAYSTATION 3

    [Not to be confused with Helios, the Texas FOSS advocate - dcparris]

    Yellow Dog 5.0.1 aims updated Linux at older Macs

    Terra Soft Solutions today announced the release of Yellow Dog Linux 5.0.1, a specialty distribution for older, PowerPC-based Apple G3, G4, and G5 computers. The distribution is said to have added more than 500 package updates to go with its 2.6.17 kernel and Enlightenment E17 desktop

    Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux: Taking a Power Position

    Terra Soft has claimed a fairly unique platform in the Linux community: Power Architecture computers, among which is Sony's PlayStation 3. More than a game box, the PS3 with Yellow Dog Linux runs as a low-cost home and office personal computer and Cell Broadband Engine development workstation. Linux ran on the PS2, but it was definitely a geek-only option. For the PS3, the geek factor was removed.

    Software Review: Yellow Dog Linux 5 for PlayStation 3

    Sony has been telling us for a while now that the PlayStation 3 is more than a game console, it is a computer. They tried this with the PS2 as well, when they released the Linux Kit for PS2, though that didn't make much of a splash. This time around, however, they built the PS3 with Linux in mind, and from the looks of things so far, Linux (any distribution) is going to have a lot to do on the PS3.

    Linux/BSD/UNIX Photoshop Problem Solved

    One of the age-long problems with the Linux operating system was never the lack of functionality but the lack of major commercial applications porting their software to Linux. The movie industry has shown high demand for such software to be ported and, after a long wait, companies such as Autodesk and Softimage have ported fully supported Linux versions of their applications for their dedicated customers.

    Terra Soft teaming up with Themis on Linux-based single-board computer

    Linux distributor Terra Soft, makers of the Fedora-based Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) distribution for the PPC platform, recently announced plans to provide a complete Linux distribution for the TPPC64, a single-board computer developed by Themis. Terra Soft, which once specialized in Linux support for Apple computers, has found several new PPC Linux niches since Apple's unexpected transition to Intel processors.

    New Linux development tools for PS3

    It has been announced that RapidMind and Terra Soft have teamed up to make application development for the PlayStation 3 easier than ever before. Last month Terra Soft announced the release of Yellow Dog Linux of the PlayStation 3, and now with the RapidMind Development Platform, developers can more easily create applications that run on PS3 and other hardware which utilizes the Cell Broadband Engine.

    Building the Perfect PC

    To quote from the book's preface: "Building PCs isn't just for techies any more. It used to be, certainly. Only gamers and other geeks actually built their PCs from the ground up. Everyone else just called the Dell Dude and ordered a system. That started to change a few years ago. The first sign was when general merchandisers like Best Buy started stocking upgrade components." Someone told me years ago that building a PC was like building something with Legos. While I don't think it's a perfect analogy, it comes close. Building a PC or small server is well within the grasp of anyone who can use a screwdriver and likes to tinker. Building the Perfect PC, 2nd Edition makes it a snap.

    Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 for PS3 now available for free -- how is it?

    It's been kinda sorta available since mid-November, but it wasn't since the past week or two that Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 was freely available (i.e. you didn't have to pay $100 for the DVDs) to make all your open-source PS3 dreams come true.

    Yellow Dog goes gold for PS3

    Terra Soft Solutions this week released Yellow Dog Linux 5.0, a Fedora-based distribution tailored to run on Sony PlayStation 3, for free download. It features a graphical installation program, an updated 2.6.16 kernel, and Enlightenment 17 as the default desktop.

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